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Partnership Permanent Residence

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Partnership Permanent Residence

Postby neilhumm » Fri 28 Aug 2009 02:34 GMT


I am a British Citizen and came to New Zealand on a working holiday visa in 2008 and in this time I met my partner who is a New Zealand Citizen. We then moved in together, and about 2 months before my working holiday visa expired I applied for a work permit under the pernetship policy and this was approved. We have now been living together for over a year and I just recently lodged my permanent residency application under the parnership policy. With my application I submitted the following:

Medical certificate done by NZ approved GP
Police Clearances
Filled in application form
My partners filled in sponsorship form and certified copy of her passport
print out copy of our joint bank account statements for 1 year
Our Tennancy agreement with both out names on them
Photographs of us
Postcards and chirstmas cards address to both of us
Car insurance in both our names

What I want to know is if this is enough proof to give them. I am hoping that this will be enough for it to be approved as this is all we have. I aso want to know what sort of timeframe we are looking at here as we want to go overseas next year and I cant leave until it is approved


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Postby Toonster » Fri 28 Aug 2009 08:16 GMT

The partnership evidence is always a nightmare! I know a number of people who got asked for more things (my husband and I were for our Skilled Migrant PR application...) - your CO will contact you if you need to give anything else - if so, then you could get statements from friends and family saying that you are in a bona fide relationship - but s/he will let you know what they are after (our CO was very specific on the things that he was looking for).

I'm not sure which branch you've submitted to, but the Wellington one has this info on it: ... singtimes/
which indicates that you should hear within a year.

(There is a full list of branches here: ... contactus/)
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