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Applying for work visa...Advice needed!

Here's the place to discuss all the red tape, rules, and regulations - the hoops you have to jump through before getting to NZ.

Applying for work visa...Advice needed!

Postby ruddy2000 » Thu 11 Mar 2010 22:16 GMT

Just wondered if I could please get a few opinions!

I am a 28 year old British male currently in NZ on a 2year working holiday visa. I have been working now since the start of February for Telecom, which I know, despite its recent problems, is still a good company to work for in regards to opportunity. The thing is Im actually on a one year contract, working for Telecom through an agency primarily, although we have been told that after 3-6months there will be a review and some of us will be taken on Permanently.

My question is that in the long run I want to go for the NZ residency eventually, and I see applying for an official 2 year work visa as the next logical step...but would I only be able to do this if offered a permanent contract?..or should i try and get the work visa before hand thus making myself more available to be permanantly taken on by Telecom ?...Hope this makes sense!

Any advice what so ever would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers! :D
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Postby Toonster » Sun 14 Mar 2010 02:21 GMT

Welcome to the forums.
We are not allowed to give out emigration advice, as we are not legally registered advisers... (NZ law that came into effect last year)

However, looking on the Immigration website ( ... iworkinnz/ ), it will depend on whether the job you are working in is on the Long Term Skilled shortlist. If it is, then you can apply for the visa now, however, if it isn't, then you will need to wait for a job offer from Telecom. Fortunately, they are on the accredited list, so they will be able to sort you out with the visa.

However, you don't say how much longer you have on your holiday visa? If you do get an offer from Telecom, it may be worth checking out the toolbox to see if you have enough points to go for your Permanent Residency straight off, rather than going through the short term visa route.
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Postby jhntl » Fri 15 Oct 2010 14:07 GMT

Yeah, I agree with what Toonster said. If you have got the enough point to go for the PR directly, GRAB IT! Well, since you already decided you love NZ so much and wanted to stay there, right? Furthermore, it will secure your application as well. As what I know, the government will sometime change the point system depending on what is the demanding job and expert needed in New Zealand. So, the earlier you secure your status, the better. :)
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