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Working in New Zealand

Where to turn for advice?

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Where to turn for advice?

Postby EMO » Wed 15 Oct 2008 14:20 GMT

Hi all, :D

HELP needed for an ex-yorkshire couple.

Can anybody give me any advice as to regards to getting a job interview for my Oh please.
He is a plumber / heating engineer, has been since he left school (he is 46 now). So far he has gone on to apply on the internet for about 10-15 jobs in his trade. Is this the best route to go down or is there anything else he could be doing? :?: Or does anybody know of somebody wanting to employ this particular trade?

Sorry if this is cheeky - but I need to get together the info so I know where our lives stand. Because at the moment we live in France and our house is on the market. When we do sell we are also selling our furniture so it's just us and the dog.

There are so many ways to enter NZ - but not sure which is going to be the best?

Any ideas of help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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