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Any horsey people out there?

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Any horsey people out there?

Postby Cadairgirl » Tue 29 Dec 2009 19:46 GMT

Just wondered if there are any fellow horse riders/owners out there, which areas of NZ would you especially recommend for hacking out and horse ownership in general? Is riding over there easy, in the sense that accessing places to ride is not a problem, or is it more like here, where you have to do lots of road work in busy traffic, get a few unmaintained bridleways and the odd scrap of woodland if you're lucky...? (Not that I'm bitter :wink: )
Also, do people tend to use livery yards or is it more common for horse owners to buy their own land and keep their horses on it?
Also, (sorry for all the questions) is there a good mix of horse breeds and types in NZ or do people tend to stick to a few select ones?
Finally (honest), because in a lot of areas of NZ I understand that grass grows all year round, does this mean you don't buy in hay for the winter and do you struggle to manage laminitics as a result?
Sorry, I have loads more questions but will stop there.
Any thoughts much appreciated.
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Postby Kay » Sun 10 Jan 2010 07:23 GMT

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