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Here's a question for you!

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Here's a question for you!

Postby Purley » Sat 29 Mar 2003 13:41 GMT

Tell us about where you live. How big is the city. How long would it take to drive from north to south and east to west.

What is the down town like - small building or tall building or a mix of both.

Is there an expensive are of town - big houses and huge grounds and also more regular areas.

What is the temperature in summer and how about in winter - is it rainy all year?

stuff like that.

Just so we know what it looks like there.
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Taranaki -

Postby Carrington » Sun 30 Mar 2003 20:50 GMT

One of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand - you can check it out when Tom Cruise's film LAST SAMURAI comes out. He has been here for a couple of months filming around the city and just outside. Lord of the Rings was also filmed close by.
There are a couple of websites, one on Taranaki and the other on the city - New Plymouth.
Climate - semi tropical - we're on the west coast so get decent rainfalls and high humidity. No snow on the ground but WE HAVE A MOUNTAIN - it's so beautiful - proper shaped one! usually the snow will last on the top even into the summer. Mount Taranaki aka Mount Egmont.
Not a lot of high buildings, don't know of anyover three stories - earthquake risk. one of the cheapest areas in NZ to buy houses - you can spend as little as $50,000 NZ or as much as $350,000. - the latter would probably have some land with it or be pretty flash!!
Big Maori population but mostly living outside the city in smaller towns(villages) Dont blink as you drive past - you'll miss'em!
No place is more than l5 away - we have fantastic beaches - coastline is rugged and a surf highway - rainforests, rivers, parks, lakes,and of course wonderful people,!!! :D
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