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Returning home - after a 16 year "overseas experience&q

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Returning home - after a 16 year "overseas experience&q

Postby Satchmo » Tue 20 Apr 2004 09:48 GMT

Hi everyone. I've just joined this forum and have been busily reading through all the postings.
Well, in 23 weeks and 4 days (not that I'm doing a count-down!) I'm going to be returning to NZ with British husband in tow, after living in London (9 years) and Germany (7 years). And I am so excited. We've debated to "move to NZ" question for years, but last year took the plunge and bought an amazing house in Christchurch, and are now getting prepared for a complete change of lifestyle. It's kind of scary, as we have no idea what we'll do when we arrive, and I know New Zealand has changed a lot in 16 years, and in fact most of the time I identify myself as British/European, rather than a New Zealander (I haven't been back for longer than 3 weeks at a time since I left). So we're trying to be realistic and are prepared for things not to be perfect, for maybe a few cultural problems etc...

Is there anyone else out there who has returned to NZ after a long absence? I'd be really interested to hear about your experiences.

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Postby Carrington » Fri 23 Apr 2004 00:33 GMT

Wow - that is exciting and I am sure you wont regret it - I was back in the UK for nearly two years once and got so homesick for NZ I couldnt wait to get back againl
Of course things have changed in 16 years and you can catch up with the news on - gives the TV1 news every day- but people dont really change and you will probably find the same atmosphere unless you start talking about the Treaty!!!!
Christchurch was my home for 10 years - lived in Linwood and Somerfield and came to New Plymouth in 2000. Christchurch has a new art gallery that I have yet to see - close to the Arts Centre, which is still going strong and you will love the Riccarton Market. There are lots of improvements in the city I think. Where are you going to live? Do you still have family here? Keep in touch, will be interested to hear your reactions to being home again...
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