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Sci Fi


By popular request - here's a place to discuss your favourite Sci Fi stuff. (Can anyone think of a better word than "stuff"?)


Postby justajester » Sun 15 Feb 2004 17:13 GMT

I just noticed that this is post number 666 for me...not that i am surperstitious or anything, but i didn't get to church this morning. :? You don't suppose i'll be relegated to some earthly equal to Farpoint Station or anything, do you?

<is concerned>
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Postby Kay » Sun 15 Feb 2004 17:25 GMT

JaJ, if it bothers you, either post something else quickly or I'll delete your latest post - meaning you'll have to go through it again. Post something! Post something! :wink:

Kay :D
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Postby HesitationKills » Wed 18 Feb 2004 11:58 GMT

errrr, your surnames not Thorn is it? (cue Omen soundtrack)
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