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New Star Trek Movie?

By popular request - here's a place to discuss your favourite Sci Fi stuff. (Can anyone think of a better word than "stuff"?)

New Star Trek Movie?

Postby ncc1701 » Wed 4 Jan 2006 06:49 GMT

Rumors are going that the next Star Trek movie will feature the Star Trek captains William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Scott Bakula which will be set in the 'mirror universe'.

God, I hope they're not going to make this suck. What is it with the newer movies nowadays? They look like Star Wars movies. ST Generations had a good ending with Kirk handing the Captain's seat over to Picard, First Contact was good action dealing with the Borgs, Insurrrection and Nemesis was just ship battles and phaser firing.

Well anyway, I'm still a sucker for these kind of things I'll still watch it on the big screen. Signing out.
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Postby justajester » Sun 15 Jan 2006 18:05 GMT

The sad thing aobut we trek types is that we will watch it...regardless of how well it is done. We would hate to miss out on what could be the best one yet... :wink:
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