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Wanting To Move

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Wanting To Move

Postby Tangoman642 » Sun 20 Jan 2008 23:55 GMT

hi there..ok so new to the forum but need a brit wanting to move over to south girlfriend lives there and i would like to know what i would need to do this.

i have varying computer skills and some qualifications in building and repairing computers and was hoping you guys could tell me anything that would help.

i have some health issues but i have other more specific sites i can go to for is a problem...though not as big as i thought aparntly...that is why im looking at going there now and not the other way round like previously thought
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Postby sambapink » Mon 28 Jan 2008 18:59 GMT

Hi.. Not that i'm in any way an expert.. but we moved here (O.C.) 6 months ago on my husbands L1 visa... He got a job with a company here affliated to the company he worked for in England.. The company did all the work getting the visa.. but it was still a long and arduous process... They are incredibly strict on who they allow here... whether for work or otherwise... Our 18 year daughter who is at college here cannot work.. unless she changes her visa to an F1 (?) which would be very difficult.. Not to put you off the move... but I think its probably going to be harder than you imagine to even get a visa! Good Luck though!
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