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Isle of Man

Postby ayresygirl » Thu 26 Oct 2006 17:29 GMT

I'd love to hear from any Manx folk or Brits that have lived or moved to the Isle of Man. What is life really like in Manx land? Wart's and all!!!
I visited the island in July 2004 and thought it was really quaint. I ponder the thought of possibly moving there one day instead of moving to Western Canada.

Can anyone share their experiences of the Isle of Man.

Thank you.

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Postby Mr Kriss » Mon 19 May 2008 19:21 GMT

I spent a few happy years in the Island and it has a lot going for it and a few drawbacks. It has a real community sprit and is generally a lot safer than the UK. Donlt expect wide choices when shopping as though it has improved in recent years, ther has also been a bit of a boom in internet shopping, and not without good reason.

It also has limitations as all islands do. Travel on off island is quite expensive and I heard recently that one of the local airlines serving the island has gone under so that may be even worse now. However, tax benefits versus the UK (usually known as 'across') largely make up for this.

A previous post said it was quaint, and yes, you can have quaint, but there is also a fairly modern lifestyle if that's what you want.

Schooling is excellent though most people have to go elsewhere for high standard tertiary education (there are high standard vocational education facilities for banking, financial services and insurance and probably more that I am not familiar with). There is a new modern hospital and agreements for use of health services across in UK when needed.

Climate is more temperate than typical UK but quite wet and windy. You don’t see many umbrellas as the rain tends to be horizontal.

For a taste of Manx community listen in to Manx radio on the web!
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