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Root kits

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Root kits

Postby Purley » Fri 11 Nov 2005 22:03 GMT

On another board there is a lot of discussion about Sony and root kits.

I don't totally understand all this, but I think what its saying is that if you take music off a Sony CD that you have bought, and you want it on your computer to burn a CD for your car - certain CDs that are copyrighted install some kind of "virus" or something onto your computer that can totally wreck your hard drive.

I don't think its all Sony CDs - I think its just the ones with "copyrighted" written on the outside. Its apparently done to stop people stealing music.

I was just wondering if any of you music buffs could explain this in simple terms - like what we should be worried about and what we should look out for.

Where I saw it originally it was so darn technical I couldn't understand it.
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