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Becoming an Expat

help needed to become an expat

Here's a forum to talk about all the ins and outs of leaving the UK and launching yourself into the wide blue yonder - selling up, saying goodbyes, all that sort of thing. NB - this is NOT for country-specific issues; please post those on the appropriate country forum.

help needed to become an expat

Postby Kazzy1 » Mon 25 Feb 2008 09:35 GMT

1stly may i say YES!!! what a great site, i have been looking for information on moving to Canada for months now and not got very far at all, was lookinfor something totally different last night and .... eurika!!! well done to you all its great.

OK, my name is Karen, Kaz to most people and myself and my husband (kids eventually) would absolutely love to move to cananda as we also think it would be a better way of life, but my husband seems to want to know a few questions that hes unable to find out, like, how long does it taketo buy a house...if we were to buy outright? can we just buy a house and come over and start living, or are things alot more complicated than that?..there are so many questins but wont bombard you with them all at once :lol:

Look forward to your help, thanx
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Postby Dave » Mon 25 Feb 2008 15:15 GMT

Hi, welcome, and thanks for the kind words! :D

Since you're looking for help in moving to Canada, your best bet is to look on the Canada forum first - you'll find a link in the header of every page here.

You may find that many of the questions you have have already been answered there. If not, feel free to ask them on the appropriate boards there. (This board's intended for general, non-country specific questions about becoming an expat.)

Best of luck!
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Postby kareni » Sun 2 Mar 2008 01:55 GMT

hi kaz,
im kaz from scotland and we moved over to Lethbridge in Alberta 6 months ago, we would never go back to the uk, we paid a canadian lawyer, who specified in bringing uk people to canada, we paid him 4500 pounds (in instalments) and within 6 months we were here, and my husband go a good job driving (earns $54,000 a year) we also have to pay for PR (perminant residency) after a year, but if you get in touch with me i will be very glad to help you.
Just email me
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