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Becoming an Expat

Selling UK House whilst abroad.

Here's a forum to talk about all the ins and outs of leaving the UK and launching yourself into the wide blue yonder - selling up, saying goodbyes, all that sort of thing. NB - this is NOT for country-specific issues; please post those on the appropriate country forum.

Selling UK House whilst abroad.

Postby Cyberevolution » Tue 18 Mar 2008 00:39 GMT

Anyone in a similar situation, or know what my options may be?

background:- I have been resident in Wellington, New Zealand for about 4-5 months and have just agreed a sale to my house in UK. On the advice of my Solicitors I submitted an application for a Lasting Power of Attorney to be issued to my dad. This has not been completed yet, and the purchasers wish to complete by the 15th April (an unlikley target at this rate)...

Am I simply at the whim of the Office of the Public Guardian that is responsible for actioning the LPA, or is there another approach which does NOT involve me having to fly back to the UK just to complete the sales process??

I have searched high and low on the web regarding this, and there appears to be very little information regarding this; I guess the majority of people keep their property and rent it.

I'm young and foolish enough to want a completely fresh start.

Any views or advice would be gratefully accepted :D
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