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Becoming an Expat

Endless Search... Are there any jobs out there?

Here's a forum to talk about all the ins and outs of leaving the UK and launching yourself into the wide blue yonder - selling up, saying goodbyes, all that sort of thing. NB - this is NOT for country-specific issues; please post those on the appropriate country forum.

Endless Search... Are there any jobs out there?

Postby Maximilian » Wed 3 Feb 2010 16:35 GMT


I'm brand new to this forum, and I have to be honest and say that I have joined in the hope that it might help me in my struggle to make a new home in Dubai.

I have been madly searching for over a two months now for a job in media or film. It is proving near impossible, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and not giving up.

I have a degree in Broadcasting and a Masters in Television Production. Does anyone think there is a chance of me making it. I want to come over with my girlfriend who is Lebanese, and find a secure position where I can work hard and create a home for the both of us.

If anyone has any advice, contacts or just supportive words I would be every so grateful. With every turn I am told that the market is not on my side and prospects look grim but there must be something out there?

Any help??

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Postby Kay » Wed 3 Feb 2010 19:56 GMT

You could try our In-Country forum (link near the top of the page) and post your question on the UAE forum.

Good luck! 8)
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