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Welcome and Getting Started

Welcome! [legacy version!]

Please read this, especially if you are new to forums. It gives advice on how to post, acceptable use etc. From time to time we might post special announcements here too, so watch out for the orange flag!

Welcome! [legacy version!]

Postby Tim » Fri 24 Jan 2003 21:33 GMT

Please disregard this message and refer to the one above. This is here so that we can look back with nostalgia to the date of the first posting on this forum - which was then a humble board on the general forum!

Greetings folks!

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the Malta forum here at and to encourage you to join in and have your say!

It doesn't matter whether you're British, Maltese or any other nationality, if you have an interest in Malta you're welcome here! If you've never visited the islands, let this be your first stop for tried and tested info. If you've holidayed here, tell us your impressions. If you live here, join in for a chat and also please help out by answering questions for others, even if they have already been answered by me or somebody else: the more opinions the better!

To start a new thread, click on the "new topic" button above. To respond to an existing thread, click on the "post reply" button.

Read the Posting Guidelines (see top of page) if you suspect that anything you want to say might contravene them - especially if you are planning to tout your services without participating more comprehensively - a practice we call spamming and we shame you in the Spam Dump above!.
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If you care about the Maltese landscape please save Ta Cenc.
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