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Where to live in Malta or Gozo?

Malta Move Imminent!

Can't decide where on the islands to live? Find out more about the best and worst places here!

Malta Move Imminent!

Postby jennyfarthing1 » Fri 28 Jun 2013 00:57 GMT

Hi All,

New to forum so excuse any mistakes...

My hubby has just been offered a role in Birkikkara.

I'm very excited about the role but also really nervous too.... I've lived in Spain and Japan in past but always alone so not so much upheaval!

We spent two weeks checking out Malta came back to UK Tues just gone.

Really liked it and like areas to North Melliha, St Paul's area. Struggling to find rental! Time if year stock etc.... We have 2000e budget but want house with pool.

We have found three bed villa with pool over budget Santa maria estate, four bed character house Burgammand (just seen pics) and three bed town house St Paul's just pics again. Any thoughts?

Have called San anton to get daughter in no space she's four in Nov.
Called San Andreas no answer! End of term maybe?

I have been offered a full time job too in letting but childcare after 2pm seems limited.... Any advice?

Just really want some advice pulse peeps move imminent band stuck with some answers even tho researched!

We also have two cats to bring..,,,

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Postby gozomark » Fri 28 Jun 2013 04:28 GMT

Hi Jenny, and welcome to the forum :-)

With a budget that size there should be little problem . Santa Maria estate is very nice, on the edge of Mellieha which is one of the most popular places for foreigners to live.

Can you repost your questions on education, childcare, cats in the appropriate sections, but as a starter check out the link below - 16. covers importing pets

EU citizen moving to Malta Q&A ... hp?t=21114

1. An EU citizens legal rights - residency, working, students
2. what sort of residency is available ?
3. what do I need to apply for if I want to reside in Malta ?
4. do I need to apply for residency before coming to live in Malta ?
5. do I need an accountant to apply for residency ?
6. do I need health insurance ?
6.1 Do I qualify for public health cover, and if I do, what cover do I have ? Are prescriptions free ?
7. can I work in Malta ?
7.1 How much is income tax ?
7.2 How much are social security contributions ?
8. where do I apply for my residency certificate ?
9. where can I get the residency application forms ?
10. where do I apply for my ID card ? - EDIT no longer applicable as ID cards no longer issued to foreigners
11. what documents do I need to apply for residency ?
12. can I vote in Malta ?
13.1 buying a property FAQ
13.2 selling a property FAQ
14. renting a property FAQ
15. Importing a vehicle FAQ
16. What's the procedure for importing/exporting a pet ?
17. Can I use my driving licence in Malta ?
17.1 Applying for driving licence
18. Long term residency certificate
19. EHIC
20. electricity/water bills - domestic v residential
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