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Where to live in Malta or Gozo?

Shop with apartment in Gozo?

Can't decide where on the islands to live? Find out more about the best and worst places here!

Shop with apartment in Gozo?

Postby maxine » Mon 28 Jul 2014 15:40 GMT

Has anyone ever come across a shop and apartment as a single rentable unit? We are looking at the possibility of moving our business to Gozo as the Mellieha rents are very expensive and we are looking for a small shop. Of course we also need an apartment and so it would be nice to combine them both.

If anyone knows of anything then please let me know - otherwise we will start looking for separate units.

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Postby Ghawdex » Mon 28 Jul 2014 22:24 GMT

I'm following your thread maxine as i'd love to know as welll - when I go down that would be lovely to have a combi-unit. Do let me know if you find something :)

I see you have a small business down there-when I finally get home I am looking to do the same given how shite the wages are there.

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