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Where to live in Malta or Gozo?

moving to qwara

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moving to qwara

Postby chrisrclark » Mon 5 Jan 2015 14:06 GMT

hi, im moving out to qawra next month on a 28 day visit with a view to setting up home there for the long term can anyone tell me what it is like and are there many expats out there,
thanks chris
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Re: moving to qwara

Postby PeaCakes » Tue 6 Jan 2015 08:06 GMT

There are many expats living there. Very built up in areas. Many "oldies" come out from UK during the winter months to take advantage of the very good hotel and rental rates.
During the summer it will be very, very busy in parts. In fact a hive of activity with all the bars and restaurants etc. so can be noisy, but not everywhere of course.
It has a lot going for it but pick your spot always really.
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