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Working in Malta

Working for HSBC Swatra

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Working for HSBC Swatra

Postby oldjenny1 » Wed 1 Sep 2010 11:37 GMT

I am wandering if anyone can help me, i have an interview face to face for HSBC call centre on the 20th September im really nervous, can anyone let me know what its like and what sort of questions they ask? i have worked in a similar role so hope that will help.
If there is anyone that works there that cold let me know what its like and also a bit about working for HSBC there this would be really handy :-) i really want the job but am scared i want it to much ha

Please help Thanks :-)
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Postby gozomark » Wed 1 Sep 2010 15:07 GMT

Hi Jenny, and welcome to the forum :-)

Malta is a small place - don't be surprised if your interviewer(s) read this forum...
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Postby johnofessex » Wed 1 Sep 2010 16:50 GMT

If you haven't seen it, they have a recruitment video at ... reers-page

Moderators - I am assuming that, since we are talking about a named organisation already, it's OK to post this.
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Postby Eggs » Sat 4 Sep 2010 10:57 GMT

Well i work there, Basically it is a long interview generally 2hrs or so and it goes like this :-

1) Tour of the building
2) buddying with someone on calls so you can see what the job entails (about 20 mins)
3) Face to Face chat and a computer test to ensure you are not computer illiterate
4) An Awkward test where you will be left alone with some information to take in , you have about 10 mins before the phone rings which you have to answer and deal with the call (you MUST try and sell something whilst on the call dependant on what information you get on the phone call, if you dont then game over pretty much).
5) Then finally the Face to Face interview with all the bullshit corporate questions.

I was just totally honest in my interview never worked for anyone before as i have always worked for myself so i told her this , she still had to ask me all the questions to which i gave honest answers and explained i hadnt prepared for the interview and i wouldnt know how to.

I got the job so i did ok.

PS when i had my interview it was slightly different scenario on the Phone test to what you get know hence me not being able to give specifics.
Rob Marna Harry Zara :P
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Postby lucyanya » Sat 4 Sep 2010 12:37 GMT

My brother works there and says they are a fantastic bunch of people, more like a huge family. Very supportive of each other also.

Good luck with your interview, if you get the job I am sure you will be happy there.

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Postby Newbie2011 » Thu 27 Jan 2011 19:41 GMT

How did it go?

I'm also thinking of doing the same thing...
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Postby eliseegner » Fri 7 Mar 2014 08:21 GMT

I know this is an old thread so bit of a long shot but.... eggs, if you're still about and work at HSBC still- could you possibly advise of the working hours? Or, of course, if anyone else knows!

I've had some discussions with the recruitment team and they've advised that their working hours operate on a 'rotating shift' basis but do not state if that includes night shifts etc. or the shifts involved. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!
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