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Working in Malta

Self employment tricky situation

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Self employment tricky situation

Postby rzamith » Fri 13 Sep 2013 13:18 GMT

Hey guys,

I moved to Malta about a year ago, with a relocation package offered by my employer. This is fantastic place to live, me an my girlfriend thoroughly enjoy it.

Recently I have decided to quit my job to focus on my own businesses, but for now I wish to remain in Malta (I am a EU citizen, Portuguese). And this is where it becomes tricky: how can I take a salary from my own company, which is based in the UK?

Since I am one of the founders of the UK business, I don't think I can invoice my own company as a freelancer in Malta. I am also not interested in opening a company here, legally under the UK company, as we currently don't have the revenues to justify that sort of operation (also, next year I may decide to leave the island, it's just a lot of work when I only need to take a salary every month).

So what I am looking for is a temporary solution that allows me to live legally in Malta, and use all the public services (I could eventually just "behave" as a tourist and receive a salary in the UK).

Any of you been in a similar situation?

Thanks in advance.

Rui Zamith
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Postby gozomark » Fri 13 Sep 2013 14:05 GMT

If you live here for more than three months at at time, or work here, you cannot be a tourist. I presume you have already got, or at least applied for your eResidency card, on the basis of being employed in Malta ?

You can be a self sufficient resident, which means you have to show sufficient income or capital to live on, and have health cover, but if you already have an eResidency card then that only needs to be proven when your card expires.

Is the work you are doing for your company done in Malta or overseas ?
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Re: Self employment tricky situation

Postby achim » Fri 13 Sep 2013 16:03 GMT

rzamith wrote: And this is where it becomes tricky: how can I take a salary from my own company, which is based in the UK?

Simply get your UK company to pay your salary into a Maltese bank account and register that with the tax authorities here.

I believe that you could also register as self-employed and pay voluntary NI contributions, although it is a bit more complex to ensure that approach is legal both in the UK and Malta.

Don't forget that if you have local (Maltese) clients for your UK company, a lot of your living expenses here can be offset as business expenses if you are still registered in the UK and are paying NI contributions.

Make sure you ask a good accountant though!
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