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Working in Malta

Doing business as a Maltese company on UK market?

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Doing business as a Maltese company on UK market?

Postby trail6 » Wed 29 Jan 2014 21:59 GMT

Hello Everyone!

I am not a British expat, neither a citizen. I am not even a EU citizen for this matter :) But I hope it is still OK to ask since I see a lot of friendly folks here ... So thanks in advance!

I am researching some options of starting an online services business that will rely heavily on UK market. At least initially. That is because I will have to reach directly to potential customers and the only languages I can speak to Europeans are English and Italian.

My partner has a family member that lives on Malta and does companies lawyer for the living. A company formation agent of sorts. So naturally there is this idea that it is more comfortable to create the company on Malta rather than in UK. Lower tax is good too :)

However, reading some recent or not so recent articles, I get a feeling that Maltese companies are associated by brits with scam, gambling and tax evasion. Which also appears not to be baseless ...

The question I am trying to ask is this: did someone here stumble into a prejudice or any kind of bad treatment back in UK when presenting himself or his company as "based in Malta"?

I would really appreciate any insight.

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