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Working in Malta

Where to get Salary Information?

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Where to get Salary Information?

Postby stuhdq » Mon 2 Jun 2014 20:36 GMT


I'm a part qualified Actuary and until recently had no idea that working within my profession in Malta was a possibility. This idea sounds really good to me (I could do with a bit more sun than we get over here!), so I've being trying to research average salaries.

I've spent a while googling but can't really seem to find any information that gives indicative salary amounts for finance related jobs

Can anyone point me in the direction of anything that might help?

I currently earn £28k pa in the UK, if it helps.

All help appreciated! Thanks

EDIT1: This probably should have been started in the 'Working in Malta" sub-forum- would a Mod be able to move please? thanks

EDIT2: I've come across the following finance salary survey: ... Id=1614837

The following 2 stand-out: Mean, Median, Top
>CF0009 Part Qualified Accountant: €21,812, €21,000, €25,000
>F0036 Financial Analyst: €32,213, €32,500, €34,000

Clearly there's quite a difference between the two, although I'm inclined to thing my current position is closer to the Financial Analyst funnily enough ...if anyone is able to offer any advice, it would really help.

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Postby MikeLavin » Fri 12 Sep 2014 12:21 GMT

The best way is to look at live job adverts which you think would match your experience. What of actuary are you i.e. pensions or insurance etc? I work in financial services so may be able to point you in the right direction for either potential employers or recruitment firms if you let me know a bit of detail about the sort of role you would be looking for?
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