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Working in Malta

Any British Nurses working in Malta ?

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Any British Nurses working in Malta ?

Postby dancelen317 » Tue 1 Jul 2014 22:04 GMT

Hi , I am looking for advice from anyone or knows anything about working as an expat nurse. I've searched and emailed a couple of agencies who appear to be looking for nurses but as yet no replies. It seems from other postings that it is better to be in Malta to secure a job as opposed to applying from the Uk.. is this correct ? Does anyone have any recommendations or experience of seeking nurse employment in Malta /agencies etc ? From what I have read it depends on the hospital whether being able to speak Maltese is a prerequisite or not... is this correct. I would really appreciate any help or comments.
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Postby karen4joe2014 » Fri 4 Jul 2014 17:14 GMT

Hi there I am also looking for any information on nursing in Malta I am looking at moving over in January as my Partner has just got his Job there. I am a Mental Heath Nurse and i would like to continue my career as a nurse . I am aware there is Mental Health Hospital Mount Carmel but I am finding it hard to find any vacancies on there web site . I have written HR at the hospital but no reply as yet. Any information would be appreciated.
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