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Working in Malta

Do I need a work permit?

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Do I need a work permit?

Postby Sulty » Wed 13 Aug 2014 22:27 GMT

I have dual Citizenship (Maltese and British), will I still need a Work permit? How is this gained and can I apply before I move from Britain to Malta? Thanks in anticipation.
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Postby Ghawdex » Wed 13 Aug 2014 22:31 GMT

Nope. You are Maltese and should enter Malta as such, but even if you weren't Maltese, being British would be fine as EU citizens do not need work permits to live and work in Malta. But since you are Maltese it is better that you get your Maltese passport and enter Malta as a Maltese.

Once over you'll need your Maltese passport to get a Maltese ID card and tax number, etc. As a Maltese citizen you also have full health cover in Malta and i'm not too sure if you'd have absolute comprehensive health cover as a British citizen in Malta.

But to answer your question - you do not need a work permit to work and live in Malta. You are a Maltese citizen and as such it is your right to live and work in Malta without restriction. :)
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