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Working in Malta

Self employed reflexologist

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Self employed reflexologist

Postby Mellieh » Tue 12 Jul 2016 07:52 GMT

Hi everyone,

I might be lucky enough to have the opportunity to come out to Malta next year and if I do I'm hoping it'll be a permanent move (maybe a bit naive as I've never even been to the island but I'm so keen to leave the UK) anyhow, my question is, do you think there would be much demand for my work as a clinical reflexologist? Are people generally interested in holistic therapies in Malta ? I'll also be able to give reiki treatments too. I specialise in helping people cope with stress and anxiety, and I hear Malta is pretty stress free and relaxed.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

I have another little question too, I am generally known as a 'chilly mortal' will I be really cold in the winter? I hear that with the stone walls and lack of central heating it can be a bit Arctic inside the buildings even if the outside temperature is mild....

Thanks very much

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