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Money matters

New Utility Rates??

No, really... it does!
But does it matter more in Malta than at home?

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New Utility Rates??

Postby neilmac » Mon 1 Mar 2010 18:55 GMT

Hello Everybody (gozomark,if this is in wrong area please advise)

I am looking for some local opinion and knowledge of the new utility bills from January 1st.

Particularly worried that i am reading the maltatimes which is telling me rates are now the highest in europe?

Does anybody have any information on this? Moving out end of March and just trying to plan things.

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Postby gozomark » Mon 1 Mar 2010 19:12 GMT

The Times article was badly written - Malta has average rates in Europe, but had the highest increase in the timescale covered in the report. The journalist confused level and change.

Electricity rates are very similar to the UK
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