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Getting around on Malta and Gozo

New bus fares for Malta

Info on buses, taxis, and other means of getting around.

New bus fares for Malta

Postby gozomark » Fri 16 Oct 2009 13:45 GMT

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Postby BB71 » Tue 2 Feb 2010 10:33 GMT

Been having a look at those new fares, does anybody know if the old 47c / 54c single fares for 1 / 2 stage will disappear when the new ones are introduced, will the cheapest ticket be the 2 hour one for €1.30?? €2.10 for a day ticket isn't bad though.

Also, I just read E Gatt's comments on the Times website about the Public Transport reform, ... uel-prices

will it also be compulsory to buy a ticket before getting on the bus?? That would speed things up big time.
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