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Family issues

Young children and moving to Malta

All about the ins and outs of family life - kids, parents, and all the other domestic stuff. (Anecdotes and updates about your family belong in the Knight & Rabbit, not here.)

Young children and moving to Malta

Postby JDennis » Tue 4 Apr 2006 14:13 GMT

Hello Anyone!

Our family is relocating to Malta, and my husband and I are due to visit the island for a quick tour over Easter. I am currently pregnant and due in August, we also have a 21 month old daughter.

We plan to re-locate to Malta for the period of my maternity leavre and as adults I am pretty sure that everything will great for us and if not - we can manage it. My concerns hinge around the entertainment, childcare and well-being of 2 small children during our stay. We plan to arrive in early November, and all things being well, we will have an 10 week old baby and a 2 year old. I worry about the property rental and weather at this time of year, obviously want a warm & cosy residence during what I understand can be a grim season. Additionally, I would be interested in hearing of playgroups/pre-schools for my toddler and their accessibility and standard.

Also, as a current working mum, will be really keen to maintain some brainpower activity, and would like to know of opportunities to meet some folks in similar positions; looking after 2 babies during the day.

Just wondered if anyone has overcome similar concerns or has experience or information in anything concerning the moving of 2 small children to Malta.

Main issues.....
a) Keeping us warm! Weather and/vs housing.
b) Childcare & entertainment for toddler
c) Maintaining my sanity - opportunities to meet other mum's/make friends
d) Moving to Malta feels like the right thing to do.... got any evidence of why is this a good idea...?

Would love to hear from anyone....

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Moving young children to Malta

Postby Ginger » Wed 5 Apr 2006 12:14 GMT

Hi Jane,
It's nice to see a post on this subject as our family are also planning to re locate to Malta in the next few months. We do have a few family and friends on the island but it’s a lot different to actually move lock stock and barrel compared to a holiday.
I’ve got 2 children aged 11 and nearly 3 and it’s a wonderful place to bring up kids in my opinion as I’ve been there many times over the years and always felt safe. When we relocate I will look after my kids full time as opposed to now where they are with carers whilst my husband and I both work so I’ll also be keen to find entertainment for my 3 year old.
From what I can see you will have no problem finding rental accommodation as there seems to be plenty available which look clean and attractive and I’m sure there are loads of playgroups and nurseries as the Maltese are very family orientated. Also, an added bonus is that everyone speaks English (but I am currently learning Maltese via cd rom).
As for the weather, well, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be better than the UK anyway.
I also have a few concerns similar to yours but I’m sure it will be fine as I’ve been there with small children/babies and never found day to day life a problem. I once badly hurt my back whilst there and needed a Doctor quickly. My inlaws GP came out within a few hours and was kind and helpful.
Good luck and it’d be great to keep in touch and compare notes.
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