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Family issues

Gozo living with 3 young children!

All about the ins and outs of family life - kids, parents, and all the other domestic stuff. (Anecdotes and updates about your family belong in the Knight & Rabbit, not here.)

Gozo living with 3 young children!

Postby alisongreener » Thu 13 Jul 2006 18:51 GMT


I have introduced myself in the Knights and Rabbit section but i am sure that this is the best board for me to write on.

I have three young children and will hopefully be relocating to Gozo in the New year. Our children are 7 years, 23 months and 6 months, so it will be a massive change for us. My inlaws live in Xaghra and we are looking at several places in this village as it will be our prefered location. We will be in Gozo from monday 17th for 2 weeks - house hunting.

We love the island but i am sure that living is very different from having your hols there. As a mum with three children, i would be really interested to chat to someone with other young children. What activities do you do, are there any playgroups, the cost of childrens clothing and other items, how your children have settled, how day to day life has changed for you, and so many other questions.

thanks for you time

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Postby jacobptl » Tue 31 Oct 2006 13:47 GMT

Hi Alison,

My name is Naomi and my husband and I will be moving to Gozo early 2007. I also have three young children, so I wanted to say 'hi' and let's keep in touch so we can share information.

All the best,
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I've been told....

Postby Walker » Tue 28 Nov 2006 15:36 GMT


I don’t have children but came back from a two week holiday in September. Our rep Moved to Malta years ago and she chatted to us for a while about raising children in Malta. This was one of her main incentives to live there herself. She lived in Bugibba and told how perfect Malta was to raise a family. The education is (apparently) good and it’s a remarkably safe place (for everybody) and for children to grow up. The life style (apparently) allows families to spend lots of quality time together which is something of a rare thing in the UK these days. My wife and I have massive reservations about raising a family in the UK and this is one of our main incentives too.


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