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Family issues

looking to make new friends

All about the ins and outs of family life - kids, parents, and all the other domestic stuff. (Anecdotes and updates about your family belong in the Knight & Rabbit, not here.)

Postby Playbyte » Tue 19 Nov 2013 14:38 GMT

Maxine, when we were over there in 2011 we sat on a bench with a couple of older gents and had a wonderful time discussing all thins.

They were very keen to get to know us and help us with our understanding of the local life so I encourage you to just sit with them and introduce yourself as they could be a gold mine of information for you.

We have made friends with a maltese couple who are extremely keen to help us with our knowledge and understanding of their country.

You are right to say its not England and of course it never will be so I think you have right to try and see their country through their eyes and make adjustments to your way of thinking.

Good luck in your search for your final place. It seems such a long way still for us before we get there in April next year and then it will be only for one month as our plan is to arrive in 2016.
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Postby AnnMandy » Fri 22 Nov 2013 13:11 GMT

Heartening to hear what you say Maxine! I couldn't agree more, there is never room for 'whingeing poms.'

And no Malta isn't England, but that is what makes it special to be there!

My husband are moving out there in the new year. I hope we are as pleased and optimistic as you on our forth day!
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Postby SandT » Fri 27 Dec 2013 13:45 GMT

Hi, we too have made some nice Maltese friends. Their customs are often different but when it comes to most everyday things, they can be very kind and helpful. We have lived here for a little over three years and moved home after the first 14months and now we feel very accepted and neighbours go out of their ways to chat and talk and discuss all sorts of things with us. It works both ways - we will instigate the talk and the help too. I am happy here now although initially i missed our huge garden and home from when we lived in France. It helps one to settle once you have made some friends - women especially, I think.

Joining some form of voluntary help is a great opener for meeting people. We started with Noah's Ark dog sanctuary and got to know the folk who work/help there and it opened the door to some lovely people.

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