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Family issues

A toddlers guide to Gozo

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A toddlers guide to Gozo

Postby Mr Lally » Fri 4 Feb 2011 21:01 GMT

We've been in Victoria for two weeks now and have spent much of that finding everything to help our two year old settle. As we find things out we'll try to remember to update here to help any new/prospective parents with their move to Gozo. Please add anything you may know that we've yet to discover, as we're keen to search everything out.


From what we've learned there is only one nursery on Gozo. Poppy has been twice now and it's a very reasonable 1.50 Euro per hour. The other handy thing is that unlike the UK you don't have to have set hours and can do pretty much a drop in.

It's located in Victoria (see members board for name and contact details) and is open between 7am to 3pm. Apparently 10:30-12:30m is the best time if you want your nipper to have lots of chums to play with.

Pros - Very friendly staff, most of whom speak good english. There are also other english children already attending. It is spacious with a lovely little courtyard. It's cheap and you can use it as and when you need it.

Cons - Unlike UK nursery's, it's more about playing than developing. Someone told us that in Gozo children mainly stay at home until they turn three and then they start quite intensive schooling, with homework set from the start.


By Victoria Bus Station - AVOID!! Unless you want to see your little one end up looking like Edward Scissorhands. There is broken glass everywhere.

Fontana, next to the church on Muleja/Triq Tal-Ghajn (it's raised up so you might miss it from street view) - small but well presented playground with climbing frame/slide/swing/tunnel/big slide/seesaw.

It is very clean with free wifi and public toilets located underneath.

Munxar this is the best playground we have found so far. It has an excellent climbing frame with multiple slides (including a small helter skelter one), as well as swings, bouncy things and very strangely, there is an outdoor gym right next to it for the grown-ups to work out!

There is also free wifi, toliets, and a little gazebo for the parents to fall asleep in. On top of all this there are lovely views down the valley to distract you as your little one falls and then bounces off the impressively spongy safety surface!

Marsalforn - If you walk up the hill along the promenade toward Qbajjar Bay, you will reach a strange playground with a variety of brightly coloured animals for you and your kids to perch on. There is a large climbing frame structure with a couple of small slides.

It's very colourful and the sea views are pleasant, however, the surface is concrete and the climbing frame bit looks like it has seen better days. Worth a look though.

Xaghra - On the outskirts of Xaghra is a sweet playground with a roundabout (the only one on Gozo?) plastic climbing frame, slide, swings.

A quiet location with lots of space to run around in. Good views and a bus stop right next to it.

Overall we've found the children and parents who we've met at these playgrounds to be friendly and welcoming (with most mums encouraging their kids to say 'hello' in english).

Other useful things

We've found a softplay place which is located in a hotel in Victoria, which is open on Friday to Sunday and costs 2 euro per hour. When I took Poppy it was only me, her and another older girl, but it is good fun and the giant slide scared even me (as it was so quiet they let me go in for a play!). Apparently Sunday is the busiest day. They also have a play area with TV, bricks, toys etc.
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