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Family issues

Help!!! Registering child into school?!!!

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Help!!! Registering child into school?!!!

Postby laurasmith50 » Tue 31 Jul 2012 22:26 GMT

Can someone HELP me? I need as much information on how to register my children into school. Me and my family are planning to move in september 2012.
I already know that I need to register with the education board but what do I need to do this? also do i need to get a residents certificate to do this and if so what do I need to register us in Malta? Is it just myself and partner i register or do I register the children aswel with the residents certificate? very confusing trying to get the information online with no luck and want to be over prepared for when we come.

Be so grateful for any information or even telephone numbers that you think will help.

many thanks
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Postby sarahc » Wed 1 Aug 2012 05:30 GMT

Have you found a school yet? You would need to look at a few to get a feel of them.

We moved over the end of September last year just as schools went back after the summer hols. I went to register them and literally a few days later they started school all within a week of being here.
Here on Gozo I went to the education office armed with there Birth certificates, you will need records of there Innoculations as a child,( little red book). Passports for all children too.
They will have to see the school doctor for a check up before they start school, but the school doctors do the rounds to all schools at the start of the school year for all year 1 children so you should get seen quickly enough, otherwise you would see the school doctor at their surgery.

The first day of school was a bit of a jolt though, I went to the school with the kids and waited around not knowing what to do, and after all the other kids had disappeared two teachers came and introduced them selves as my kids teachers and off they all went, no settling in or seeing where the classroom was. All a bit sudden, fortunately my kids settled in quite quickly and have now finished there first year at school here in Gozo, my 9 yr old daughter even getting really good marks in here end of year exams!

Not sure what it's like on Malta but here on Gozo it was a quick and easy.
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Postby gozomark » Wed 1 Aug 2012 07:29 GMT

Hi Laura, and welcome to the forum :-)

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