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Family issues

Various family matters as a single parent

All about the ins and outs of family life - kids, parents, and all the other domestic stuff. (Anecdotes and updates about your family belong in the Knight & Rabbit, not here.)

Various family matters as a single parent

Postby Jbdj100 » Sun 6 Nov 2016 20:36 GMT

Living, schools and meeting new people

Hello there!!

for the past month ive tried to research malta to see if this could mines and my two boys 7 and 16 months new home.

What's your experience ?
Is it easy to meet friends?
Where to live? Inland. I'm thinking lija, balzan
How cold does it get indoors in the winter?
Schools. Are they good enough for a good future. Anyone who's got kids grown up here?
I'm a single parent who will be looking for new friends
I've read sliema is busy and bad air - what do you think?
Beaches - are they easy to get to from Central malta

Any info you think I should consider before taking the plunge
Thanks a lot
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Re: Various family matters as a single parent

Postby gozomark » Mon 14 Nov 2016 17:58 GMT

Hi :-)

I suspect the reason youve received no replies is that youve written a long list :-) better to post in the relevant sub forums eg education

How cold does it get indoors in the winter? houses generally dont have central heating and many go outside to warm up in the winter during the day :-)
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