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Boats and yachting

Where to keep my boat

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Postby thepriory » Mon 27 Sep 2010 15:32 GMT

I now consider myself educated. Will get my license as I am completely new to boating......with busy ferry and commercial shipping lanes, probably a good idea to know my 'ar*e from my elbow' !!

I will only go for something really low powered as just want to take wife and kids around the coast during the summer.....that is part of my 'dream' of coming here.

It will be roughly the same time I purchase my Straw Hat.....

puma, I am up for a beer anytime, I clearly have alot to learn.....and it would be great to have a chat rather than just type!!
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Postby pumabob » Mon 27 Sep 2010 16:27 GMT

I will only go for something really low powered

That could be a big mistake too, just go for something with medium power...20-40hp. It will actually be safer, though I did see a small boat advertised with a 200hp outboard on the back. If the trailer wasn't attached to the car it would probably tip up :lol:

As JJCE points out something around 30hp outboard, fitted to a 15 ft boat would probably suit you and second hand prices range from 2-5k depending on age and reasonable condition.

The ferry and commercial lanes don't impact too much on coastal cruising, especially if you stay away from Valletta and the Freeport areas. That's why St Pauls around to Gozo is popular with smaller craft.

As you don't have PM status yet, just send an e-mail to and I will forward my contact details ref the pint.
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small boat registration

Postby franzesser » Sat 26 Apr 2014 23:51 GMT

Thanks for an interesting and excellent thread on this subject. I'd just like to check I'm understanding this all correctly. My situation is that I'm planning to import a 3m rib with 25HP outboard to Malta. I have many years boating experience (sail and power both at sea and inland) but I don't have any formal qualifications in this respect. My intention is to take the boat to Malta from here in the UK (by land) and leave it there permanently (my father in law has a place there where I can store it through the winter etc). My questions are thus:

1. From this thread it would seem that I don't need to get a boat ("driving") license for this size craft, however, to get insurance it seems I may need one after all...?

2. In terms of registering ("taxing") the boat in Malta, it would appear that I register it in the UK for 5 years and operate off that registration in Malta. If that is true, can someone please confirm that? Judging from this document ... 112013.pdf doing the equivalent in Malta would seem unbelievably onerous and would require the following:

1. Importation documents;
2. Bill of sale of boat and engine including the Make,
Model, HIN, Serial No. and HP;
3. Original Deletion certificate (in cases where boat
was previously registered on another register);
4. Declaration of Conformity;
5. CE Certificate;
6. Photo of Hull Identification Number (HIN);
7. Photo of Engine Serial No.;
8. Photo of Builders’ plates;
9. Coloured photo of Boat;
10. I.D. Card / Passport of owner;
11. Copy of I.D. Card / Passport of previously registered owner as per point (4) of this Section above;
12. A Certificate of Survey drawn up by a Government Appointed Surveyor; and
13. A third party liability Insurance policy certificate valid for a year from date of initial registration (for small ships
with engines exceeding 9.9 H.P.).

3. Would UK insurance suffice to cover the boat while it's in Malta?

Apologies for all the questions, but it will be my first boat purchase in the UK/Europe, so I am new to the whole landscape. Would be very grateful if someone could share their wisdom/experience with me on the topic before I take the plunge.
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