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Me-British, Husband-Canadian - can't get his UK visa until..

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Me-British, Husband-Canadian - can't get his UK visa until..

Postby soni22 » Thu 8 Nov 2012 20:05 GMT

So after 10 yrs of living in Ontario, and two kids later we have decided to move to the UK. For me, it's going back home. I'm born and brought up in the UK, my hubby is Canadian. Both my little girls have their UK passports. We have a good lawyer based in the UK who is helping us with the whole process. My hubby needs his UK work visa and in order for his application process to even begin I have to provide a job letter stating that I'll be commencing work within 3 months of arriving in the UK.

I've been job searching for 3 months now, had a couple interviews but no one is willing to wait the time it will take for my hubby to get his visa. I'm running of out ideas. Is there a way to secure a job in the UK first beforehand? I don't understand how other people are able to go this route....?? Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

I really don't want to go on ahead without my girls or him...
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