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Moving back with my husband and son

Here's where to discuss the practicalities and issues involved in moving back to the UK.

Moving back with my husband and son

Postby MrsParadis14 » Thu 8 Oct 2015 00:50 GMT

Ok so here is our situation in detail. We are planning on flying over to the UK as a family and then applying for a visa once we get there.

I am a British citizen, my husband is a US citizen and my son is a british citizen because I am.

Our plan is to fly over there, I get a job paying at least 18,500 pounds. Then we get our own place and apply for my husband to get the 2.5 year visa then apply for him to stay forever.

We can stay with my family until I get a job and a place for us to stay so that is not a problem. I'm hoping to get this done within 3 months so my husband is not staying past the allotted time he is allowed to be there without a visa.

Once we get into a position where we can sell our cars to pay for the visa and plane tickets we will do so.

However there are a few questions I have.

* My husband has two misdemeanors that were withheld adjudication and he was found not guilty, will this affect his application if we are upfront about it and provide the paperwork for it?

* We both have student loans, will they need to be paid off before we apply for the visa or will we be able to pay them off from the UK?

* If I get a job and we manage to get housing within the 90 day period of my husbands visit would we be able to apply for his application after I get my first pay cheque/letter of employment? If not, how long do I need to hold employment before we can apply?

* Can my husband stay in the country if his visa is being processed, even if it goes beyond the 90 day visitation period?
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Re: Moving back with my husband and son

Postby Dave » Wed 14 Oct 2015 06:15 GMT

Welcome, MrsParadis14. I'm not a lawyer, let alone an immigration lawyer, so you should take expert advice. But it looks to me as if your husband would have to enter the UK on a visa rather than coming in as a visitor under the visa-fee entry rules. So he'd have to leave the UK again and reapply. That said, if you've managed to get a job and find a home by then, it should be a lot easier.

- Misdemeanours: If your husband was found not guilty of the charges against him, then that shouldn't affect his application. In any case it's far better to disclose information like that if you're asked for it - it's likely to count far more heavily against you if you don't.

- Student loans: something for the US authorities rather than the British ones.

But again, I stress that I'm not an expert.

Good luck, anyway, whatever you decide to do. :-)
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Re: Moving back with my husband and son

Postby Jadiejadecat » Wed 3 Feb 2016 12:24 GMT

How did it go?
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