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UK spouse visa for a US citizen - please help

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UK spouse visa for a US citizen - please help

Postby nesa » Fri 20 Jun 2008 06:35 GMT

Hello everyone

I am sorry, I am pretty sure this is the wrong part of the forum to post this question in but please if you know where it should go could you tell me that because I remember expat website had a section for American and British couples but I could not find it anywhere this time

I am a British citizen and my fiance is a US citizen, we are getting married in a month's time in US and then we want to move to UK. My fiance needs to apply for a spouse visa I believe to enter the UK...does anyone know whether he has to do that from the US and then wait to be issued the visa before he can enter the UK, or can he come here in the UK and apply for a spouse visa from here, or maybe he can apply in the US but instead of waiting there can he wait here, we obviously don't want to be away from each other for any period however short, but also my fiance lost his home in US so he needs to be able to stay here

Do you also know how long can it take from the moment you apply for a spouse visa and the time they reach a decision?

please anyone respond ASAP if you know the answer because we need this information very urgently

thank you so much in advance
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Postby San-Antonio-Brit » Sat 18 Oct 2008 08:50 GMT

Hi there,
I'm not sure if you're posting in the right place as I am new to this forum myself, but I might be able to answer your question.
I am British and I moved to the USA last October and subsequently married my US citizen fiance.
We travelled back to the UK four months after our wedding and my husband did not need any kind of particular visa to do so.
Don't forget, it works the same way in Britain as it does in the USA.... he can stay legally in the UK for either 3 or 6 months, and in that time you need to contact an immigration lawyer and arrange for hubby to obtain permanent resident status.
Hope that helps :)

NB; just as an additional bit of advice.... even though you will be married when you fly back to the UK, just as extra precaution, don't announce that you intend on obtaining citizenship for hubby if anyone at customs asks you why you are visiting Britain. Just say you're visiting relatives.
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