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Confused on residency Issue for Turkey

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Confused on residency Issue for Turkey

Postby hakansbaby » Wed 22 Jun 2011 20:02 GMT

Hi, I am new here and need to be forgiven if I have posted my query in the wrong place.

I am a UK citizen who is married to a Turkish National and want to reside her in Turkey with him.

However I am getting conflicting info with regard to applying for a visa.

Exactly what kind of visa should I be applying for and how do I go about it?

Someone mentioned as I am married to a Turkish National I should be applying for a Kimlik, someone else says I should be applying for a 'blue book' which I believe is a residency visa for other Nationalities NOT married to a Turkish National.

I have tried the consulates but it seems websites are either wrongly addressed or so confusing I don't understan anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aileen AVCI
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Postby Dave » Thu 23 Jun 2011 03:14 GMT

Hi, and welcome.

We have a board for Turkey-related questions on our In-Country Experts forum - if you repost your question there you're likely to get an answer more quickly. (This board's for people returning to the UK from overseas.)

Good luck. :-)
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