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Why a British citizen cannot rent a flat

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Why a British citizen cannot rent a flat

Postby Julieannpe46 » Sun 24 Jun 2012 02:08 GMT

After my divorce and having lived out of the UK since 1999, I find that returning to UK with my adult son is almost impossible.
Having worked 18 years in UK and a tax payer, and my siblings and parents have lived and paid taxes too, I find it incredible that rental agencies won't even consider you as a tenant for their registered landlords.
I have been looking to rent a 2 bedroom furnished property in Plymouth as this is where my son has applied for Uni.
All the agents insist on references and credit check.
They won't accept a reference from my Hong Kong Landlord even though I have been paying him 3000 pounds rent a month, yes a month, for two years.
My ex husband is a Senior Executive and is willing to guarantee rent.
However it seems this again is just not good enough.
If I was on DSS no problem.
If I was a refugee, no problem
But as a British mother with enough monthly allowance that is more than most average Brits earn, I find myself in a mess.
I can not afford to buy a property although the building societies, would have no issue allowing us to buy.
IT is crazy.
DO I really need to declare myself destitute on arrival to get housing?
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Postby ruggie » Sun 24 Jun 2012 07:31 GMT

This is ridiculous, and a typical result of the modern trend to 'level the playing field' by creating rigid procedures that only work for 'normal' cases. Recently, I offered to act as guarantor for a mortgage for my son & daughter-in-law, only to be told 'we don't do guarantees any more'.

Use a letter from your bank or something similar, and get personal. Demand to speak to someone higher up the chain, run an ad in an upmarket publication like Country Life, run a Wanted ad online somewhere, use Facebook and Twitter - think outside the box generally. That's all I can suggest for the moment.
Whether you live in France, or just find the country interesting ... nts-up-50/
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