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UK Legislation

Kids citizenship

This forum is for all the aspects of UK law that may affect expats - tax, social security, health, pensions, citizenship etc.

Kids citizenship

Postby Pommydoris » Sun 24 Aug 2014 06:02 GMT

I am living in NZ and moved here 16yrs ago. Since then I have had three children who are now 6,12 and 14. They have nz passports and I am still on my uk one. My question is how do I get them British passports as now I am no longer with their father I feel it would be better to return home as I have no family support here. Do they automatically get passports on application? I tried to research but so much information out there. Thanks
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Postby Dave » Sun 24 Aug 2014 10:17 GMT

Hi, Pommydoris, and welcome. I've moved your topic from the Repatriation board as citizenship issues are covered here.

The answer is 'probably yes'. But the best place to check is the UK government website - they have a 'decision tree' type set of questions that should give you the answer for each of your children (the rules vary depending on whether the child was born before 1 July 2006).
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Kids citizenship

Postby Richardovellee » Mon 19 Dec 2016 22:08 GMT

The child would be a Pilipino citizen as long as one of the parents is a Pilipino citizen at the birth time.  The child would also be a US citizen.  You must register the birth with the US Embassy to have the US citizenship recognized.  Likewise if the child is born in the US then the birth must be registered with the RP Embassy.
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