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Ireland-Isle of Man-England passport control?

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Ireland-Isle of Man-England passport control?

Postby Woahlene » Mon 27 Jun 2011 19:06 GMT

Hello anyone who can even vaguely help,

I'm English living in Republic of Ireland with American husband. We're going to a family wedding in England in September.

Problem is Husband has been refused entry to UK twice and a visa to visit once (they think he is going to live and work in UK illegally). We are planning to go via ferry.

Basically do they check passports between Dublin and Holyhead/Belfast and England via ferry ports? He has his Irish residency ID card. Would it be a safer option to go via Isle of Man-would they need to check passports before entering UK?

Hoping to avoid long pointless visa process for a weekend in the Uk! Thanks!
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Postby Dave » Tue 28 Jun 2011 02:09 GMT

Hi, and welcome.

There's a certain amount of information available about the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the UK on Citizens Information, and a bit more on Wikipedia

As far as I can tell, what they seem to be saying is that passport controls may or may not be undertaken, so it's a game of chance. I can't see why going via the Isle of Man would be any safer than going direct to the UK - to the best of my knowledge Man has very similar if not identical immigration provisions to the UK's.

The Irish residency ID card won't help - the passport-free travel arrangements don't apply to third-country citizens even if they're resident in Ireland.

The bottom line, as I'm sure you know, is that if your husband attempts to enter the UK without a passport he's doing so illegally.

I'm surprised he should need a visa for a weekend's visit, though, unless his passport's been endorsed to deny him the visa-free entry to the UK that US citizens normally get for a short visit.

(PS - I've shifted this to the UK Legislation board as it's more appropriate to the subject matter than the Becoming an Expat board.)
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