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Family issues

Friends for teenage daughter

All about the ins and outs of family life - kids, parents, and all the other domestic stuff. (Anecdotes and updates about your family belong in the Knight & Rabbit, not here.)

Friends for teenage daughter

Postby adam1button » Mon 22 Apr 2013 20:09 GMT

Hi All,

Just joined this fab forum to see if you could help my daughter out.

We are not actually living in Malta but holiday here regularly and now our daughter Megan is 12 she really hates hanging around with us all day and night.

She is hoping to make some friends so that when were over in St Julians in August she can hang around with like minded, same age people rather than her crusty old parents.

Megan is as I say 12, she likes JLS, One Direction, shopping for clothes (particularly Claires Accessories, New look, Primark etc.), McDonalds, Cinema, Makeup and hair (yes, we've reached that age), hanging out, swimming, badminton and baskteball. She plays the flute and is part of St Johns Ambulance and Guides.

I'd really appreciate it if any of you parents could get in touch as it would save us from the moods and strops if she has to hang around with us all the time.

The other part of this is it would be really nice for her to have a "pen pal" or whatever they call them nowadays with email and MSN (showing my age now), building a friendship for years to come :-)

Given that she is still a minor, its probably best if you either DM me (Adam - Megan's dad) or email Wendy (Megan's mum) for initial thoughts / intros etc.

Were not cosseting parents so dont really have a problem with Megan going to Sliema on the bus or into St Julians - she has a phone and goes out in Hereford town on her own with her friends.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks

Adam Button
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