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Working in Malta

UK Job 'Hot desk' from Malta

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UK Job 'Hot desk' from Malta

Postby whunt18885 » Fri 12 Sep 2014 15:59 GMT

Hi All

As a complete novice I am after some advice on the legal / practical issues on working in Malta. Hopefully someone can help.

Ok so both myself (UK Born citizen) and my girlfriend (Slovakian Citizen working in UK for last 8 years) are looking at moving to Malta, I will be looking for seperate advice on buying a property nearer the time at the moment I am after some advice on the practicalities of earning a wage in Malta.

I currently work for a small IT support firm in the UK, I earn £17k a year. My work consists of providing telephone and remote support to a group of other small businesses. I do not do any site visits so all I need for my job is a computer with an internet connection and a VOIP Phone to accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls (cheaply).

With the above in mind how difficult would it be from a legal / tax standpoint for me to work in Malta ? Would I still need to have a registered address in the UK ? Can I have my wages paid into a Malta bank account ? Does my boss need to fill in lots of forms etc ? Am I likely to be financially worse off than if I just stay in the UK (taking into account inflated food prices / cost of living etc)?

Also how does it work with healthcare, Do I need private health insurance ?

Basically my boss is fairly accommodating but is also very lazy so unless it was fairly straight forward he may not be interested - I am willing to take a pay cut as compensation for any extra paperwork and/or taxes required.

Please advise ?

With Thanks
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Postby gozomark » Sat 13 Sep 2014 12:29 GMT

From what you've said, you will be working in Malta, so will be taxed in Malta, and will have to pay Maltese NI contributions, which means you will have access to the Maltese NHS.
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