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Which area?

Decided to move to NZ what next?

North Island or South Island? Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or somewhere off the beaten track? So many choices... why not post here and discuss the options with others?

Decided to move to NZ what next?

Postby gail2802 » Thu 14 Jun 2012 12:12 GMT

Hi everyone

I'm new to the site so thought I would post to introduce myself. Myself and my husband have decided to emmigrate to New Zealand after a long thought process, but we feel that it wuld benefit our 2 children (age 1 & 2) for their future. I'm really excited and nervous about the prospect but not sure where to start. I need to find out who I can speak to regarding my husbands job experience as he has been a Senior Security Systems Engineer for 6 years but all his experience is time served rather than having the acedemic qualifications, so not sure if this would be accepted on the skills list?

Any have any ideas where the best place to go would be to speak to someone 'in the know'? I'm a Fleet Sales Manager in the Motor Trade so I know we wouldn't get a visa based on my skills!

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Postby Toonster » Fri 15 Jun 2012 06:27 GMT

Welcome to the forums and good luck with the rollercoaster!

To be honest, the best people to check with would be Immigration NZ - (for general search queries) or (for a specific question); they will be able to give you specific advice regarding the level of work experience your husband has and whether this can count in place of a qualification.

Otherwise, you may be able to get some initial advice from a licenced immigration advisor on a no committments basis (be very wary of anyone who asks you for fees up front before any advice is given), however, I don't have any knowledge of using advisors, so can't give any help there.

I hope it goes well, and do keep us posted on your progress!
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