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Working in Malta


What are the rules post-EU accession? What is the likely demand for your services? NO ADVERTISING - adverts belong in our classifieds section. Ads, self-promotion etc will be deleted.


Postby dickster » Sun 1 Feb 2015 16:04 GMT

I am new on here and have a couple of questions.I am a 44 yr old british male and have been living in south of france for 10 years renovating properties and running changeovers for gites,however have had enough of France and looking for a new challenge.Visited Malta last year and loved it what is the work situation like there at the Moment (not necessarily in building etc) will have a go at anything.When i look at employment sites for malta there always seems to be plenty on offer compared to Spain and France.
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Re: employment

Postby gozomark » Mon 2 Feb 2015 17:22 GMT

The economy here is fairly good, certainly compared to Spain and France, so not surprised plenty of jobs available. Dont expect them to be well paid though
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