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Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, etc

Old or new? Buy or rent? Dealing with builders, notaries, agents etc? Try here for info. NO ADVERTISING - adverts belong in our classifieds section. Any property ads, self-promotion etc will be deleted.

Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, etc

Postby Kay » Fri 19 May 2006 12:51 GMT

Please don't post questions asking for recommendations for estate agents, lawyers, etc. It only invites those offering professional services to advertise here - and we don't allow advertising. Those offering services are invited to buy an advert.

Feel free to discuss related issues in general terms: see Quest Bulgaria's posting on the matter of choosing an estate agent. (The following posting was taken from a thread which existed before the major forum revamp and clean-up.)

Maybe the most important thing to remember here is that there are always complaints about agents and always good things said - for every subscriber who we have who has something to say about an agent which is bad, we have another who says they are marvellous. Horses for courses! You have to do your own personal research, talk to them, get a feel for them, judge for yourself - there is no such thing as a good or bad agent, it is down to you and them at the time you do the deal.

The main thing is do not lose your head just because you are looking at a different part of the world... act as if you were at home in your own country.. do not be misled by them...IN ESSENCE, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE (if they ask for a cash deposit without an initial contract being signed, would you give them this in your own country??? would you underdeclare the value of the property in your own country by up to 70%??? and so on....) Be careful and you'll get a really good deal!

All the best, Jain
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Re: Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, etc

Postby 19briot » Sat 11 Jun 2016 10:24 GMT

Hello, new to this so apologies if I've posted on wrong page.
I have a lovely apartment in the beautiful vicinity of Albena.
The first thing I'd like to ask is, does anyone know where I can buy 'zip link ' beds ( 2 single beds that join to make a double) I can get them in the uk but it costs double to export them.
Secondly, more of an important issue, in the pre lim of my deeds we were given shares of other buildings. We had a committee that dealt with any issues on the complex, however, it seems that the chair of the committee under handily sold all our shares to the owner of the management company that was care taker of the complex. No one seems to be doing anything about it, there are group of owners that seem to be ok with this ( I suspect they're involved) most of us advised the management company that we were cancelling our contract with them, so they decided to sabotage the pool pumps, the seating areas, all bed linen and towels were stolen from all the apartments that had dismissed them. An AGM was held to try and resolve the problems, which we thought we had made a compromise. But now, it seems a committee had been established, with a new chair treasurer etc, all not voted for and all consisting of the owners who are backing the ( ex) caretaker.
On my own I don't know what to do, if I'm honest, I want to sell and never set foot in Bulgaria again! I thought corruption was being dealt with in Bulgaria? Isn't that why the EU allowed them in???
Help would really be appreciated xx
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