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Flying with dog into Malta using Air Malta

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Flying with dog into Malta using Air Malta

Postby svale » Fri 10 Aug 2018 21:21 GMT

I've had my maisonettes in St Paul's since 1972 so everything is sorted as far as housing is concerned. Anyway, we put off selling up in the UK completely as my husband needed an op and loves his garden. Until recently, we've really split our time between the UK and Malta (luckily having good dog sitters)

With Brexit this is no longer an option. We've sold up and completion is on the 5th October so I've got to arrange dog air flight to Malta. The first problem is that although the Air Malta website suggests that you can send dogs as excess baggage (£150) you have to book a flight in order to book your dog as excess baggage. They can say that there is no space and then of course you have to rebook. Anyway tried for the 4th October

Air Malta are shits

1. Just informed me that no space is available as excess baggage until January and Dusty must go as cargo! They took a whole 2.5 days and three phone calls to tell me this.
2. Air Malta cargo does not deal with individuals only agents. Therefore I must use a pet travel co.
3. Pet travel co informs me that Air Malta only fly pets from Gatwick on Monday. No pet travel from Heathrow! Cost £433 versus £150. They are currently checking

Did I say just how much I loathe Gatwick. Heathrow Airport is much more convenient for me and as I said, Gatwick is the pits.

Can anyone please add anything to this and tell me their experience with Air Malta? Is it true that they only fly from London Gatwick on Monday with no travel from Heathrow? Has anyone successfully managed to get their dog as excess baggage on an Air Flight from the UK?
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Re: Flying with dog into Malta using Air Malta

Postby gozomark » Sat 18 Aug 2018 13:21 GMT

how have you been communicating with air malta ? they are very good at responding on facebook by private message - Alison Casha there is very efficient - you can also try asking in facebook group rubs puppy love I help administer - Alison responds to queries there as well, plus loads of people in the group have brought animals from the UK to Malta
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