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UK Legislation

UK Marriage -- US v. UK Divorce

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UK Marriage -- US v. UK Divorce

Postby Battersea » Fri 31 Aug 2007 16:44 GMT

Apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum but I have a legal question. If one is married in the UK and moves to the US and has the UK marriage accepted as legal, would a UK divorce be accepted as legal whilst living in the US?

Specifically, are US or UK divorces similar and/or take the same amount of time? I would like to pursue the fastest way that is seen as legal in the US.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Postby Dave » Fri 31 Aug 2007 17:44 GMT

Hi, and welcome to the BE Fora.

Given that your question's specifically about the US, I think your query is probably better asked - and answered - on the US General board on our In-Country forum.

Having said that, it would be interesting to know what the legal position was more generally. My kneejerk reaction was that a divorce in the same jurisdiction as the marriage would automatically be valid. But then it struck me that not every country recognises divorces anyway - so it may not be quite as straightforward as all that.

Anyway, I'm locking this topic as it's country-specific. Please do feel free to repost on the US board; and if anyone has any more reliable information on the legal position on the validity of UK marriages and divorces in general, they should feel welcome to start a new topic. :)
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