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very usefull international online shopping directory site

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very usefull international online shopping directory site

Postby WelshDog » Sun 21 Aug 2011 01:45 GMT

apologies in advance if this is not correct place for this kind of post, but I'd like to share with all a very useful international online shopping directory website that I've recently come across:

edit - spammy link removed

This site list all sorts on line shops, listing them by category and also by which countries they ship to. So from this page:

edit - another spammy link removed

choose the country where you are (or to where you need something shipped), and then browse the directory.

I hope all of you find this site as useful as I have.
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Postby Kay » Sun 21 Aug 2011 04:45 GMT

Apologies in advance but... you can bu99er off because we don't want people like you crapping spammy links on our forum.

We don't like spammers, liars and cheats.

You say you're in Japan and you're posting from a USA IP. :roll:

I've removed your adverts. This forum is not a free for all for anyone to crap their links.

Want an advert? Then buy one. Oh, too late - you're banned.
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