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I am coming home!!!

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I am coming home!!!

Postby pearcefamilyuk » Sat 10 Jan 2004 10:57 GMT

Hello all. My name is Clint and I am an American expat living in the UK. Came over here in the USAF and loved it so I stayed for 20 years. I have had my dream - now my English wife has suggested that we move to the us along with my 2 kids - girl 13 and boy 15. I am now a dual national holding both American and British passports.

We have decided on the Sacremento area as we have lots of friends there and we all like the area and the people.

I am concerned about no US credit history - can my 20 years of excellent UK credit history be used or accessed? What is current mortgage interest rate?

Any words of support would be most appreciated? Are there season tickets available for the oakland a's? That is my requirement for moving back.

Hope to hear from you all soon.



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Postby CustomStrat » Sat 10 Jan 2004 16:30 GMT

Hey Clint, welcome! My story is much the same as yours (born NYC, grew up and lived UK for 20+ years, dual-citizen...etc...).

First of all, credit: You will find, upon arrival, that you have no credit whatsoever. I arrived with two clear credit-cards from Barclay's and nearly $12k in my pocket but when I tried to finance a car I was informed that I didn't exist. Whatever credit history you have in the UK doesn't travel with you. You are newborn when you arrive.

Season ticket rates for the A's vary from $112 in the Bleachers up to $2706 for Plaza Club seating. Check out their website

As it happens, my wife and I will be soon moving out to Northern California (Eureka/Arcata area). You can't miss me; the massive white GMC van with the Union Jack plate on the front bumper and I'll be wearing a Mets cap!!
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Postby sgp » Sun 23 Jul 2006 22:25 GMT

I've just moved to the US for the first time and so I'm suffering this zero credit rating problem as well. I can't comment on mortgages, but here's a couple of little things that helped me ...

I ordered a UK credit report (e.g. from before I moved. This certainly helped me when I was looking for rental accommodation when I first arrived and the landlord wanted to credit vet me. (Experian are a recognised US credit rating agency as well, which probably helps)

Similarly, many auto insurance companies will accept proof of your UK driving history (a letter from your current UK insurer stating your no claims history) in place of a US record. So make sure you get that before you move as well.

Other than that, I've been petty much relying on cold, hard cash :roll: .

BTW Any recommendations on the best seats to go for to watch the A's? I live in Oakland, and it's about time I found out about some American sports :) .


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